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City Save Thyself

Doom is foretold in endless Armageddon novels and films.
Americans are apprehensive, but they are settling for
victimhood. They conceive of themselves first and foremost
as a nation, but nations today are not what they need to be
when it comes to protecting their populations.

Nations have more on their minds than saving lives, like building ever more ruthless killing equipment and exalting their sovereignty. Weapons, profits, glory, politics, are the stuff of nations, even before human security. Corporate and media empires block nations from giving us what really is needed, which is enforced law on a global scale.

It is time for the targeted populations of the world to make common cause, not huddle down while nations pursue arms races with missiles and nuclear weapons. The alternative to huddling down? Get the political power that is accessible through cities and towns.

This is the advice of David Wylie,
the author of City, Save Thyself!

  • Build a world of enforced law.
  • Build the global democracy needed to keep
    law enforcement accountable.
  • Elect local representatives to a security
    congress of municipalities that the nations
    will have to listen to and that will undermine
    terrorists in their home towns.

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