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How Much Danger are City Populations Around the World Really In?

George Tenet, CIA Director under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush:

    “But of all al-Qa’ida’s efforts to obtain
    other forms of WMD, the main threat is
    the nuclear one.”

Ashton Carter, shortly before he was appointed Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics by President Obama:

    “Hiroshima was only a glimpse of what will
    happen when terrorists are nuclear equipped.”

Deborah Wilber, Director of Emergency Response at the National Nuclear Security Administration:

    “The only question is when the terrorist
    nuclear attack will come.”

George Shultz, Secretary of State under President Reagan:

    A nuclear Pearl Harbor will change the world
    “so dramatically that we will not recognize it.”

Gareth Evans, former Australian Foreign Minister:

    “I don’t think the world really understands
    how serious the consequences are of a
    terrorist setting off a nuclear bomb in
    one of our cities... the 100,000 dead are
    just the beginning.”

Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism:

    “It is more likely than not that a weapon
    of mass destruction will be used in a terrorist
    attack somewhere in the world by the end
    of 2013.”

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