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What is Your Reaction to Being
Urged to Obtain Power Locally
and Use It Internationally?

Which 3-point group
is closer to your views?

This Group...

  • Americans get the rake off and the security that go
    with super power. Why would I want to change that?
  • People are inherently aggressive, so war never
    will be prevented.
  • International issues are the President’s domain.
    People in my community have enough trouble staying
    on top of schools, crime, garbage, and taxes.

Or, this one...

  • Show me how - I agree that when it comes to foreign
    policy, everyone’s interest but mine and my neighbors’
    gets attention.
  • If I could be convinced that enough others were
    working to control weapons and prevent war, I would
    do everything I could to help.
  • I agree that a non-deterrable, suicidal terrorist group
    armed with WMD could prove to be the most dangerous development imaginable.

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