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I Hold Signs, Join Peace Marches,
and Contribute To NGOs.
What More Can I Do?

  • Be aware how Presidents are impeded from any drastic move away from the war system that is driven by weapons profits, employs millions, and as news, games, and heroics, preoccupies the media and the citizenry.
  • Be aware how Presidents are impeded from any long term effort to shift to a peace system by the four year election cycle and the obligation to party, contributors, and supporters not to open the door to charges of radicalism, idealism, lack of patriotism, softness, and cowardice.
  • Adjust your thinking to the long-term planning that people in Washington are constrained from accomplishing, and at the same time be open to ideas about what might be accomplished immediately:
    • across national borders.
    • using your municipal ballot.
    • pursuing global enforced law, kept accountable democratically.

If preventing war is not a local issue
in your city or town,
Make It One.

The Appendices of City, Save Thyself!
describe how to do it.

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