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Trueblood Publishing Company publishes books that explore practical political and educational steps toward world order under enforced law. Trueblood aims to facilitate thinking and planning for global political action to substitute a peace system for today’s war system.

Trueblood is only secondarily interested in descriptions of theoretical peace systems that might work if the world ever gets there. Trueblood is convinced that we are so far from working peace that a successful system cannot be imagined in detail. It must emerge from the experience of working to achieve it. Two factors, though,  must be involved. Enforced law must replace force of arms, and the enforcement powers must be democratically accountable.

The building blocks are assumed to be citizen initiative
(first & foremost), education, political power, governmental entities at all levels (contrasted with mercenaries and
profiteers), and non-profit NGOs. Trueblood looks for
practical steps to a secure world.

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